Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Attention Ruggers in: KS, SC, FL, WY, NE, SD, LA, TX, WI, AR, ME, IN, IA, GA, and OH

If your state was listed in the title, in 2014, you'll be getting your health insurance directly from the Federal Gov't.  Be grateful that your State Gov't has a clue....[hat tip:  Insureblog.com]

These states have REFUSED to implement the health insurance exchanges, thus utilizing their refusal to be a part of the expanded Medicaid program offered within Obamacare.   This was the genius of Roberts Ruling on Obamacare. The States, who basically run and pay for Medicaid, get to keep their Fed Money, without the Feds using a "carrot and stick" to get them to accept Obamacare.  Love it!

Here, I'll list 'em again:

KS, SC, FL, WY, NE, SD, LA, TX, WI, AR, ME, IN, IA, GA, and OH

All of you playing Rugby need this as a supplement (You got $3-5,000 laying around in case a prop falls on you?). 

And, for the states listed above, you're employer will NOT be faced any penalties for not providing health insurance, but yet, you'll have access to Federally subsidized and guarantee issue plans... My guess, your health insurance premiums will remain stable, and as more Kaiser's come online (and they will, only way to control costs is to control the Docs, Nurses and Hospitals) you'll see employers FLYING to these states.  (Please note:  All of these states are right-to-work states, except WI, ME, and OH... that'll change...)

If your Boss is smart (Or, if you're the Boss), what she'll do is offer each employe $XXX.XX per month, and let them buy their own insurance.  Less for singles, more for families... Those with state-based exchanges, she'll just pay the $2,000 per employee, or drop your hours down below 40/week, or both.

Employers are NOT stupid.  They want to make profit.  Figure that out.  Also, they know that a company with benefits will attract better employees.  Benefits are good, for everybody.

Now, if you're a Rugby player NOT listed above... You'll be paying a penalty to the IRS, or forced to purchase shit health insurance which, and this will happen, will EXCLUDE sports... Trust me.  It's gonna get nasty.

So, congrats to the States who told the Feds to GFY....

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