Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Creative Options of Rugby (and Healthcare?)

I love this game because of its creativity. Fast-paced, Full-flowing, open-play Rugby is 2nd Greatest thing to do on this Planet. Why? Options. Every player, even Props, must be able to run, pass, dummy, kick, grubber, maul, ruck, tackle, skip, switch, loop, etc. etc. etc. Build a club where 15 individuals all share the same brain, and you win championships. This playing in concert is music to the Rugger. Forwards and Backs playing as a singular unit is Art.

"WTF does this have to with Healthcare?" you impatiently ask.

Cuz the players aren't playing together anymore: Employers, Consumers, Insurers, and Doctors. Specifically, the Insurers and Employers are gang tackling the Medical Professionals and Hospitals. Ruggers, as the Consumers, are the unlucky on the bottom of the ruck.

In Indiana, Clarian now has online comparisons for health costs. This pisses off MDs and Hospitals, because they don't want to the public to know what they're earning.

Further, some insurance companies have decided to pay MDs at "sustainable levels." So, now the MDs and Hospitals are feeling the pinch.

Don't like it when you're coach says you're not fit. Well, Insurers and Employers have begun using a Medical Ranking system to weed out MDs and Hospitals who do "unnecessary" procedures. HMOs tried this shit, and look how their doing.

Why are Insurers promoting Medical Clinics in Retail Stores? Cuz they don't have to pay MD rates to a Nurse Practioner.

Insurers and Employers are going after Medical Service Providers because they've gotten enough bad press about rising insurance premiums. This situation is the same as when the Scrum Half and Fly Half stop getting along. The Ball goes no where, eventually gets turned over, and the other side scores a try while you're bitching at each other. When teammates argue on the pitch, options become severely limited.

So who's ultimately getting mountaineered? You, the Rugger. The Ruckosphere must demand transparent costs, unscreened availability, and choice of Options; AKA Consumer Driven Healthcare. Otherwise, Outside Centers will have a hard time getting that ACL repaired and paid for.

Too bad #13 had no other Options.

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