Friday, July 27, 2007

36 Minutes 16 Seconds...on Hold!!!

That's the total time it took to cancel my home phone service. 90% of the 36 Minutes and 16 Seconds, I was on hold. Waiting for an actual person to help you on the phone is like waiting to get into a Match. I waited almost an entire 1/2!!!

Unfortunately, you might have a similar experience calling an Insurance Company. The reasons could vary: Changing bank draft accounts, checking if a physician is on the network, filing a claim(whole post about this soon.) But YOUR TIME is valuable. Rugby players, at least the good ones, must also run and lift on top of Tues/Thurs Training to stay fit. We don't need to waste good running or drinking hours on hold.

Here's what you do: Call your Agent. That's his job. A decent Insurance Agent earns his money not when he sells you, but when he supports you. As a Rugby Player and BackRow Forward, there is NO greater feeling than Pilfering the Pill from the bad guys, and crawling up out of the Ruck only to see your Pretty Boy Winger streaking down the touchline to score. Your Agent should feel the same way about taking your call regarding pharmacies.

Spend 80 minutes a weekend smashing into Rucks. Don't spend any time On Hold.

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