Monday, July 23, 2007

I have been bitten by COBRA, and I can't get up...

You're job situation has changed, and the HR department gives you this packet of crap that is supposed to explain how you can keep your benefits thru COBRA.

The first amendment to ERISA, COBRA allows you to participate in your former employer's group health plan for 18 to 36 months. According to, COBRA typically costs you 102 percent of the premium your former boss was paying. That means less beer on Saturday. Plus, here's an interesting fact:

Group Coverage is typically 2 to 3 times more expensive than an individually owned policy.

So, you've got the new job, but you're benes don't start for 90 days. The packet you got from HR says you'll need to pay $400/mo for you, and another $1000/mo for your family to prevent any time holes in your Health Insurance. Most Ruggers, being hit in the head a lot, risk it. "It's only 4 games, plus a road trip tourney, until my new Insurance starts. F^ck it!!!"

That's just plain stupid. How many times have you complained about the holes in the backline defense? Don't be the non-tackling Fly Half!!!

Temporary Health Insurance is cheap. Since the insurance company knows you're leaving in 30 to 180 days, they'll crash off the scrum for you.

(Or, if you've got the stones, email BMK to learn how to get free group coverage for 105 days using the COBRA loop hole. This one takes time and effort, so don't be that jackass who comes to the recruiting event all pumped up, never to be seen again!!!)

My wife just changed jobs, so instead of using COBRA at $625/mo I bought her a 2 month policy for less than $200. I own my own policy, which includes my son Connor (the next greatest No. 8), because it's 70% cheaper than my wife's group coverage.

If your job situation changes, Temporary Health Insurance will do you fine. Get it. Don't be the schmuck who never buys a round on Thursday after training. With Temporary Health Insurance, you can drink Snake Bites in the bar, instead of getting COBRA bites in the...

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