Sunday, July 22, 2007

Temporary Health Insurance...Made the Playoffs, Huh? gets many requests for temporary Health Insurance. Temp HI is a lot like Term Life Insurance, it's inexpensive and lasts for a specific time period.

The reasons for the requests:

1. My Team finally made a playoff round, and there will be an actual official checking for Health Insurance.
2. My Job Situation has changed, and I need to understand all this COBRA crap I'm getting from HR.

This post deals with No. 1:

We love getting calls at 3pm on a Friday asking if we can get you covered for Saturday's match. NOT!!!!

If you've been playing all season without any health insurance, accident/injury plan, or even a medical discount card, you're an asshole. No other way to say it. You've decided to be a burden on society, your team, and your family. Grow up. Rugby is a serious contact sport, and we'll assume you enjoy walking, feeding yourself, and wiping your own ass.

Did you know that hospitals charge more to the uninsured? Did you know that over half of all bankruptcies are caused by unpaid Medical Bills? Do you understand that one of main reasons healthcare is so expensive is that the costs for the uninsured are spread out among the insured?

We can provide $1000 in injury coverage for $9.99 a month (10k for $21.99/mo). So, please don't tell us you can't afford it. If you truly can't afford HI, then quit Rugby and get a job.

If you're worried about a pre-existing, or ongoing, medical condition, don't sweat it. That's what is for, to find you a plan that suits your needs. A major myth in America is the lack of Health Insurance for Millions. Bullshit. The plans are out there, but because the commissions are so low, or non-existent, most Health Insurance Agents don't bother marketing them. They are bastards.

Now get online, and buy some Health Insurance. Do it now. Or, we will see you in the rucks, and we will stomp on your head, and we will laugh.

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