Saturday, July 07, 2007

Mass. forces residents to get Health Insurance

Do you carry uninsured motorist coverage on your auto insurance? Why? Doesn't the state demand that every driver have auto insurance?

Funny how so many people who get into auto accidents don't have auto insurance. But, the state of Massachusetts believes it can force everyone in the state to buy health insurance. But what are they buying?

Example: I can find in San Francisco an insurance agent who'll sell me an auto policy, cheap, and give me my magic card that says I have auto insurance. I can even stop payment on the check that day. ;) Further, what am I buying? Something that only covers me on Tuesdays?

How many adverts on TV claim to save you 100s on car insurance?

By mandating Health Insurance, the same type of market will develop. If people are forced to have it, they will get the cheapest stuff they can find, just to get the gov't off their backs. It won't be credible coverage. The state will just end up absorbing the costs of any major accident or illness they get.

So we'll buy poorly and cheaply....just like we do for auto.

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