Sunday, July 01, 2007

Michael Moore at Prop?

Ruggers everywhere wonder about when the next match is and where the beer will be. They typically don't fret over healthcare.

Until they get hurt. Then they worry about where the money will come from: Themselves? The State? The Insurance Company? The Beer Kitty?

Michael Moore, aka Sicko, has his ideas. Others have differing opinions.

Let's meet my friend, and the guy who taught me to Prop from a Lock's perspective. Ian ruptured his Achilles' tendon. Ian is also English, so had access to NHS back in Great Britain. One phone call, and he learned that he'd need to fly back to England in 3 months to see his personal physician. From there, he'd wait another 3-6 months for an MRI to be scheduled and reviewed. If surgery was needed (DUH!!!), another 6-9 month wait. All told, 18 months on crutches, including travel from Dallas, TX to Manchester, England multiple times.

But it would be free.

Instead, Ian went directly to an orthopedic surgeon in Dallas. Was scheduled that day! Had the surgery, began PT. He was ready to play in 9 months.

Who paid for it? Ian did. He used a patient advocacy firm to negotiate his bills. All told he paid $6,000 and spaced the payments out over a year. Now, he could afford $500 a month.

Most can't. That's why we have an accident plan for ruggers. If Ian had this plan, his total out of pocket would have been $100.

$100. For a ruptured Achilles' tendon.

Any questions?

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