Monday, July 02, 2007

The PRSF forces Universal Healthcare

Would you fire someone to save your business?

I was having coffee at Abir with the owner of a limo business. He was complaining about the People's Republic of San Francisco mandating health insurance for employees. All businesses with 20 or more employees must either provide health insurance or pay into the City system.

"BMK, I have 20 employees. What do I do?," Limo said.

"Fire someone," BMK advised. This may sound harsh, but most small businesses will terminate people to lower labor costs.

Would your company fire you to save a buck? Yep. Faster than New Zealand scoring a try against Canada.

Rugby players now know that affordable health insurance is possible thru HSAs, HDHPs, and accident plans. Ruggers are independent by nature, and must personally own their health policies if they wish to play for a long time.

Especially if you drive a Limo.

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