Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Rucking Medical Bills and Employee Health Insurance

So you know what to do if you're smart enough to buy your OWN Health Insurance package.

Here's what to do if you've got a mauling pile of Medical Bills and you have Employee Health:

Call HR.

Your Human Resources person and/or department must help you sort all this out. They're the ones who chose your benefits package. This is true for Group Health Insurance and a self-insured corporation.

If your company uses a TPA, Third Party Administrator, well...we'll deal with that later.

Since you're dealing with HR, you must add an extra precaution: Make copies of everything. Have a copy of each bill you get, plus a copy of each check you receive and each check you write. Start a file. Document everything, down to the time and date of individual conversations.

Sorry about this...but since you don't have a personal agent to assist you, it's now all your responsibility.

Be as diligent as a Lock in a Scrum. Not a lot glory, but so vital to winning the Match.

Remember, unpaid Medical Bills cause many bankruptcies. And your costs are even higher because of fraudulent billing.

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