Monday, July 30, 2007

How am I going to Pay these Rucking Medical Bills?

You're back home on the couch, watching Rugby on Setanta, resting that wee little ACL you had torn out because you thought you could turn the corner on a Fijian International 7s Player.

And Bills start pouring in...EMTs, Ambulance, ER, Surgeon, Anesthesiologist, Hospital, Physical Therapist...what's a Rugger to do.


Do it. Do it now. It's time for the slick-haired lad to earn his boot money. He knows what he sold you, and he can get thru the automated switchboards much faster than you. He's also intimately aware of the details of each part of you coverage plan. Your agent can help you coordinate each bill with the right coverage, make sure checks get to the right places, and track the claims processes down to the penny.

I want to you worry about Rucking again, not Rucking Medical Bills.

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