Friday, July 13, 2007

Stitches, on the Pitch or at the ER?

I suffered some head-to-head disease while playing in the High Desert Classic for OU. A surgical nurse who played for the Women's side stitched me up on the sidelines. I soldiered on to finish the weekend.

This was an incredibly stupid thing to do.

If you get hurt, go see a doctor. Go to the ER. Go to the Minor Emergency Medical Center. Go. Go. Go. Even if you don't have Health Insurance. (If you're playing without HI, you deserve to get hurt, you moron.)

At the ER, you should have your magic envelope. If not, tell them you have insurance, but don't have the card on you. Answer the doctor's questions thoroughly and truthfully. Don't f*#k around, a lot more than just your sadly unimpressive Rugby career could be at stake.

What about the bills? Don't worry about that now, just get fixed and fit. I show you what to do with your bills, filing claims, et cetera in the next post.

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