Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What to do if a Prop falls on you...

What I'm about to tell you must be done. It'll freakin' save you.

1. Make copies of your insurance card(s), driver's license, and/or passport.
2. On a piece of paper list five(5) people to contact, with phone numbers, if you get hurt.
3. Place all of these into an envelope.
4. Seal it and Write your name on it with the words "Medical Insurance Information."
6. Put the envelope in a plastic, seal-able bag. [Freezer Bag best]
7. Place the package in your kit bag.

My club, the SF Fog, demands that each player does this. Why? Cuz if some big 'ol Maori 8 Man decides to mountaineer up and down your head, you might not be in a condition to make medical decisions.

Or even identify yourself.

Get this done. Do it now. And if your a club administrator, president, whatever, make this a policy for EVERY player to do.

1 comment:

  1. RMK, this is very sage advice. No getting around it, this is a physical game and people can get really messed up. Having the emergency info handy will be good for you and be helpful to freinds, family... and funeral directors. Seriously, this is a good suggestion.