Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What? You don't speak Insurance?

So I played on a team with 5 guys from Northern Ireland. They spoke "Ironics." Nobody had a freakin' clue what they were saying, and, sadly, two were coaches.

Same thing for Health Insurance. Nobody seems to know what the hell the insurance company, agent, or HR director are saying about their benefits.

Plus, as Employers drop benefits or shift the burden of purchase onto you, you'll end up dealing with the claim forms, cards, paper work, applications, and more forms, cards, paperwork, applications, etc. etc. etc.

The basic language of insurance must be learned, like passing and tackling. Cuz in 10 years, it's all gonna be on your shoulders. Yes, it's propping against Carl Hayman. Sucks. Get over it.

Or you can risk NEVER playing again by doing what my Irish teammates always say...."Feck it!"

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