Monday, July 09, 2007

How much does ACL Surgery cost?

Do you have the foggiest clue what healthcare costs? Checkups? MRIs? Surgery?

Nobody does. There are NO price controls. Hospital X charges a different price than Surgery Center Y. Doctor A and Doctor B, completely different.

Thank the Rugby Gods that this is changing
. With price transparency, competition will ensue, you know capitalism, and quality will go up, as prices go down.

Don't think's a story:

10+ years ago a genius invented Lasik surgery. Eye Doctors adopted it, and tried to bill Health Insurance companies $3000 per eye. The Health Insurance companies ignored the Docs like a Ref ignores a snippy scrum half.

So guess what the Eye Docs did. They got lean and strong. Now, you can get Lasik, RK and ALK surgery for $300-600 per eye, and it's safer than ever before. Eye Docs had to compete in a high demand market. This ALWAYS raises quality and lowers price.

This will happen to all healthcare in this country....or we'll end up like France, not noticing we're playing Rugby until the last 10 minutes of the match.

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