Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Kick your Job's Health Insurance into Touch

A Rugger's family health insurance, thru his employer's group plan, cost him $1,568 a month. If he bought the same coverage privately, his monthly outlay is $632 a month.

Why is he able to save $936 every month?

$11,232 a year!!!

Two Reasons:

1. His family is healthy. 80% of America is, and Health Insurers want healthy customers. But not everyone at his job is healthy. 20% are driving up the group rate because of illness or injury.

2. He's separated out needs. Though the deductibles are the same, his private policy has a higher out-of-pocket maximum. This is not a problem, since he's added an accident/injury plan. By separating the two needs, each plan becomes more efficient, and overall less expensive.

According the Galen Institute, private ownership of Health Insurance will drive costs down.

Further, Paul Zane Pilzer, the guy who predicted the S&L crash, throws a massive dummy to the Health Insurance industry. His book outlines everything you need to know about The New Health Insurance Solution.

$1,568 to $632 per month.

$11,232 a year.

That's bigger than most Rugby Clubs' Annual Budgets!!!!

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