Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Magic Envelope Saves Lock from Loose Head Collision

A. was trying to get up from a Ruck when L. fell on her.

As A. laid on the pitch, I asked one question: "Where's your Magic Envelope?"

"It's in my bag, BMK....."

A. had it perfect, down to the sheet describing allergies and previous injuries. I called for an Ambulance, as I knew she had Health Insurance. And I called her emergency contact, whom met us at the ER. In less than 6 hours, A. was back home convalescing...actually, she was bitching that she's out for a while. ;)

What if A. was unconscious?
Who would we call?
What if A. didn't have insurance?
Would we be financially ruining her by calling an ambulance?

With the Magic Envelope, none of this was a concern. That way we could focus our energies on helping our teammate.

Where's your Magic Envelope?

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