Sunday, September 02, 2007

Ball Control, or More about getting paid to be a fit Rugby Player

Do you control your Healthcare like you would a ball thru multiple phases?

What if you could buy a new scrum cap, or fancy shmancy boots, because you're a fit player?

These purchases require that you have more money in your wallet. Okay. Go pass a health screening, and you'll get that cash.

Health Savings Accounts and High-Deductible Insurance plans put MORE money back into your wallet. Why? Choice and control.

HSAs scare nanny-state liberals. If consumerism, aka capitalism, is implemented in America's healthcare system, then they'll lose a major source of fear-mongering.

The fastest growing sector of the uninsured is 25-40 year olds. This IS the Rugby Community. Our advantage as athletes is our fitness will get us lower premiums for insurance, and incentives for remaining fit.

Ball Control is essential for winning a Rugby match. The same applies to your healthcare.

If you don't control the it, you lose.

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