Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Get Your MIB Report

This is not an advert for a sci-fi comedy.

Your MIB Report, Medical Information Bureau Report, is a complete history of your healthcare visits in America. Everything.

Why? So Insurance companies can look at it when evaluating your insurability. This does NOT work in your favor.

So do this: 866-692-6901 Call this number and ask for a copy of your MIB. You have a right to know what the medical industry is saying about you.

Think this is silly? I got 2 Ruggers insurance after we found errors in their report. Even sillier, two Lady Ruggers with the same NAME in California applied for insurance on the same day. The insurance company couldn't figure out who's MIB was who's so declined them both. SSNs and bdays completely different, as addresses were. Decline. I had to send in paper apps. The odds?

Your MIB is your lever to moving a very heavy insurance company. If you're in the market for health insurance, or are about to change jobs, call 866-692-6901 and get your MIB report.

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