Thursday, September 13, 2007

Healthcare for your "Out of Town" Mates

Every team has a few. They use words like "mate" to refer to anyone, and "apples" if they're happy. They're always there when someone's buying a round. And those of Gaelic Descent, when drunk, speak in "Ironics."

But they get hurt too. Problem is that they don't typically have Social Security Numbers, so they can't get Health Insurance.

So, use the last refuge of the uninsurable: medical discount cards.

These cards ARE NOT Insurance. If anyone tells you, "It's the same thing," they are LYING.

These cards are hit or miss, so research well. I recommend AmeriplanUSA. I needed an MRI and it was only $400, instead of the 2k they normally charge. Plus, all the minor emergency medical centers are on the Ameriplan network. An ulsterman teammate needed 15 stitches on his brow, had to pay a total of $120. Not bad. You can go to an MD for $42, which is twice of a normal copay. It's not insurance. It's basically discounted medical ACCESS.

Use the Medical Discount Card with an Accident Medical Care plan, and you can afford to get hurt playing Rugby?

Cancer? No.

Rugby? Yes.

Don't you hate it when a coach assumes a guy is good because he has an accent? ;)

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