Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Position, Possession, Pace

Most Ruggers are familiar with this mantra. The 3 P's are the keys to controlling the match.

Well, here are the Positions of our lovely batch of presidential candidates. Dems want gov't to tax and spend, Elephants want tax breaks and market forces to do the work.

I lean right here. 85% of the healthcare dollars spent in the US is Gov't Money! The Gov't Possesses the healthcare dollar. This is obviously not working.

Any idiot who wants these people to have more control needs a good boot to the head.

Ruggers are in an enviable position. Typically healthy, we can buy our own insurance at a much lower rate than an employer can buy it for his employees. Acting at Pace allows you to get a high-deductible plan before the end of the year, and make a MAXIMUM contribution to your HSA.

Position, Possession, Pace. Isn't it time you took control of this match?

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