Tuesday, September 11, 2007

HIPAA Eligible is like getting the "golden" shorts

If you're HIPAA-eligible, you're wearing the golden shorts. If you're wearing the "golden" shorts, rugby tradition states that you cannot be tackled to the ground. With health insurance, you cannot be denied coverage.

By federal law, ALL states must guarantee you health insurance if you are HIPAA-eligible. Simple three choices:

1. State Risk Pool: Except this time, you get to waive the 12 month exclusion period.

2. Conversion Coverage: Some states like FL, OH, and CA mandate that the group insurance provider from your former employer must offer coverage free of exclusions for no more than 200% of the normal individual rate. Ironically, since individual rates are typically half of the employer rate, your insurance cost most likely won't change.

3. Guaranteed-issue insurance from a Private Health Insurance Carrier: CA is the best example. You must be offered at least two choices, a high-deductible and low-deductible plan. The premium cannot exceed 200% of the normal individual rate for a healthy person.

Remember from the previous post, once you're HIPAA-eligible, you can get health insurance WITHOUT a 12 month exclusion period for your pre-existing condition.

This is best situation to be in if you, or a family member, has an expensive pre-existing condition. You're gonna a heavy kangaroo court fine in terms of premium, but you'll be covered.

HIPAA-eligible. It's the golden shorts.

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