Monday, September 10, 2007

State Subsidized Rugby...You Freakin' Wish!!!

This column is for those who are:

1. Uninsurable due to a pre-existing condition, and have been denied Health Insurance.


2. Live on Brokebitch Mountain, and already receive gov't assistance.

Every state provides some type of guaranteed state-subsidized coverage for people in either case. (This is does not give you license to go play. Clearly, you have bigger issues.) Most states don't advertise this, for obvious reasons. But now you know what they don't want you to know.

I'm gonna write this as if you have the pre-existing condition. However, this process would apply to ANY family member with this Maori on the their back.

WARNING: State Risk Pool coverage is EXPENSIVE. Much, much more than owning a policy on a healthy person.

To get in the state risk pool, you cannot be eligible for an employer's health plan, or able to receive COBRA coverage, and one of the next 3 must be true:

1. Been denied coverage by a private health insurance carrier.
2. Been offered coverage with an exclusion for the pre-existing condition.
3. Been offered coverage with an uprated premium.

In some states, like Texas and California, a simple rejection letter from the carrier is all you need to present to the State Risk Pool. In some states, like South Dakota, everyone must be HIPAA eligible, and they don't guarantee coverage for sick people who haven't had insurance recently. Do they even play Rugby in South Dakota?

Now, since your not HIPAA eligible, your pre-existing condition will be excluded for 12 months. This could be a challenge, but I'll explain other solutions soon.

If you live in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maine, and Vermont you have guaranteed Coverage. Every company charges exactly the same for everybody. Good Luck if you live in these states, no competition means no incentive for the insurance company to pay claims, or for your Doc to be on a network. The only people who benefit in these five states are the old, senior citizen crowd. Maybe because they vote.

If you live in Ohio, bonus. Every carrier in the state must have an open enrollment period for 30 days when they cannot deny ANYBODY. Obviously, the insurance carriers don't advertise these programs. But I'll support you in the Ruck, everytime.

Find your state here. Use the pull down menu to find your state. Call me with any Qs: 800-605-5024

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