Tuesday, November 06, 2007

What does your MD (Coach) think of you?

Your coaches opinion determines your starting status and sometimes, position.

Your MDs opinion determines your Insurability. If your MD has bad things written down, or has not updated the bad things as fixed things, the insurance company you applied to will think the worst and decline you.

Here's how you fix it. Call the Officer Mgr. for your MD. Tell them your about to apply for health insurance, and if you could get a copy of your records. They might balk a bit, so be aggressive. Look it over. If you see any "unresolved" issues, ask that the records be updated.

Example: You've lost weight, but haven't been to your MD since the weight loss. So Dr. Smith has you at 265, when your 195. Insurance company will see the discrepancy between what you wrote on the app with your MD records, and that's not good for you.

A check up is an HSA qualified expense, and most Employer Sponsored plans have one free physical a year. Go get one. Update your medical records. Then apply for your own insurance plan.

Don't let the opinion or laziness of others deny you healthcare.

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