Monday, January 28, 2008

$4 Prescriptions at Walmart...Rugby Gods be Praised

The two biggest objections I get when presenting an HSA-qualified plan:

1. I do NOT have a doctor visit co-pay?

2. I have to pay FULL price for prescriptions?

First one is easy. Go to a minor emergency medical center.

Second one....WALMART!

So Walmart has decided to charge $4 for a 30 day supply of various drugs. Why? Cuz you ain't gonna just go into Walmart and merely fill a prescription.

You'll need to buy athletic tape, electric tape, gatorade, water, and maybe even field paint for the pitch.

Rugby Players CAN go to a doctor. Rugby Players CAN pay for prescriptions. The idea that we don't have access to healthcare in the USA is bullshit.

Hell, I can't get a pint of Guinness for less than $4.50!!!!

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