Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Former Fullback for Yale Said Last Night...Nothing!

President Bush played fullback for Yale Rugby. He was on the first team for Yale in 1968.

Last night, President Bush gave his last presidential rave to Nation. What did he say about healthcare?


Yes, he implemented the HSA legislation that I love. But Medicare is getting a 10% cut and another 5% in 2009. And, Medicare Part D is costing billions. If you think we need Universal Healthcare, realize that you'll get Medicare on a grander, more-screwed up scale. No new Rugby Insurance on the horizon, no allowing competition across state lines, no check on Big Pharma.

If you are a current player, I'll predict that you'll have no Medicare when you retire at 65. So if you're Max-ing out your HSA contributions, building that medical IRA, then you'll be prepared for the Red, Golden, and Purple-Shorts years of your life.

The only other way to get healthcare for life is to become a Washington politician.

God, I hate Backs.

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