Wednesday, January 30, 2008

How many beers does First Dollar Coverage cost?

Does your Rugby Club buy your boots? What about headgear, shoulder pads, sliders for under your shorts?

No? They don't pay for that stuff?

Then why the Hell do you think your Health Insurance should pay for R/x and doctor visits?

Health Insurance should pay the bills for when you get sick. You're insuring your health. But since Americans got sold on the HMO-based copay, it's become an expected entitlement. This paradigm must change.

Realize that if you insist on buying first dollar coverage, then your aggregate lifetime maximum will be relatively low. Chronic ailments cost insurance companies, not knee reconstructions. Chronic ailments require lots of drugs and doctor's visits. Such treatments add up.

I'll extend the metaphor a bit. If your club supplied EVERYTHING for you, how much would your dues be? 5 times? 10?

Buy your own boots. See an MD on your own dime. Buy your own rugby health insurance. Grow up.

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