Tuesday, January 22, 2008

If you got hurt playing Rugby, how much will your current health insurance pay for?

Rugby is expensive. Dues, boots, road trips, beer, tape, water, kit bags, and beer. Ours is an expensive ruck.

Now ask yourself this: If a Big 'Ol Prop falls on you, how much will your current health insurance pay for?

Notice I didn't use the word "cover." I asked how much they will PAY FOR!!!

Rugby injuries typically involve the ER. ER visits on most plans have a separate deductible, over and above your plan deductible. So, if you plan deductible is $1,000 and your ER deductible is $500, you're out-of-pocket $1500 before the insurance companies PAYS ONE RED CENT!

Add to that your co-insurance. What? What's that? Co-insurance is a portion of the bills that you get to share with the insurance company. Typical split is 80/20, 80% on them, 20% on you. That means, for every dollar AFTER you've paid your deductible, you PAY another $0.20. If the bill is $100 over your deductible, you owe the medical provider $20.

Example: an ER visit averages $600. You'll pay every bit of that. Your insurance won't help you until you've satisfied your deductible. Make sure you know what that is!

However, here's what's NOT included in the ER bill:
  • Ambulance
  • Tests done off-site
  • Meds
  • Follow-up visits
These typically bill separate.

Please don't think that if you have employer health that your safe from out-of-pocket costs. Wonder why I'm so big on Accident Medical Plans? Cuz they PAY FOR a lot of the bills that typical health insurance does not.

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