Monday, January 21, 2008

Discipline Report for the Health Care System

Every week, the Ref's Society puts out the list of idiots who earned red and yellow cards. Let's do that to the health care system.

Well, Mona Lori over at is doing just that!!! She's asking y'all to post your actual costs when dealing with a health care provider. Rugby players use all kinds of services, from Chiro to ER. Let's report it, and let the Free Market drive down the cost for us, ala Consumer Driven Healthcare.

This is the consumer's discipline report. Yes, I may have my hands on the ball in a Ruck. But I'm a 7, that's kinda my job. ;)

But with the Health Care System, we Ruggers are the Refs, not the players. We need to blow the whistle, enforce the laws, and sin bin idiots who screw up the match.

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  1. Kevin -

    Thank you for mentioning My vision is to enable consumers to be a driving force in taking the secrecy out of health care prices and encourage more competition in the industry. Everyone benefits from this website including the insured, uninsured and under-insured.

    In order to make this grassroots initiative successful, we need consumers to visit and post prices they paid for routine health care services including MRIs, x-rays, office visits, ER, lab tests, vision and dental. If enough consumers particpate, this directory will become a very powerful tool to expose health care prices.

    Help us spread the word and be sure to tell your friends, family and co-workers about this tool.