Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday Morning Soreness

Most Rugby teams are in pre-season right now. Is your body callused up yet for coming season?

I hope you're not relying on the Gov't to pay for your healthcare. This especially goes for our "overseas" mates.

Understand that you buy insurance not with money, but with your health. And ultimately, you buy it not for yourself, but so that you don't become a burden on your family and teammates.

If you do have a minor-emergency, save yourself the ER fees and wait by hitting the Minute Clinic. These "doc-in-a-box" facilities can handle the stitches and sprains we get, without destroying your ability to pay dues or buy beer.

Rugby Players must have health insurance to play, according to USARFU. Maybe USARFU should spot check more often, than wait for play-offs?

Imagine how sore you'd be if you were told that you couldn't play because you didn't buy health insurance.

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