Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Where to get your HSA, so you can drink on the US Gov't!!!

Now all you responsible Rugby players bought Health Insurance last year, and you were smart and bought HSA qualified plans.

Excellent! Like I tell my Ladies when I'm coaching, "Wow, that almost looked like Rugby!"

I suggest using WellsFargo Bank to host your HSA. The monthly fee is the smallest, and the debit card that comes with makes using the chiropractor that much easier.

Now, you don't have to fully fund your HSA. If you spend $1000 on health care, then you get write off only that income, but that's still a good chunk.

If you've got the cash, fully fund to the 2007 Limits, and make sure you tell your CPA when you give them your tax info.

I'm not a licensed investment dude, so I'd get real advice from the guys I use.



  1. Anonymous11:07 AM


    The Bancorp HSA has a fee of $2.50 per month, unless you reach a balance of $2,500, then no fee. The website could use some work but once it's up and running, its easy.



  2. Jeff,

    Didn't know that! Excellent.