Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Night, Rest using R/x drugs?

Have I mentioned that I hate Big Pharma? Thank God they don't

It's because of the money they spend on advertising, and the strangle hold they have on our insurance plans in each state.

Now Walmart is thinking about getting into the PMB business, competing with the likes of Medco. Good. Walmart will kick Medco's ass. Why? Because y'all going to Walmart anyway for med tape, electric tape, and gatorade. Regardless of Walmart's $4 R/x program, the addition of handling your R/x benefits from your employer will only increase their store traffic, and save you TIME, Medco be damned.

Smart Ruggers know that they should own their own insurance, and hit Walmart for R/x. Smart Rugby Players control their cash, like the ball on the pitch.

ASIDE: Check out my favorite insurance blog, Food Insurance? And a HDHP/HSA case study!

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