Thursday, February 21, 2008

Who can save us?

Last World Cup, England thought Johnny W. would save them. He did...almost.

Google has decided to keep all of our medical records for us. Will Google save us from massive waste in paperwork?

Obama has proposed a "Health Care Federal Reserve" to control costs. Will Obama save us from rising medical costs by controlling the supply of money?

More Gov't Entities are suing health insurance companies, either for cancellations or payments to providers. Will the Gov't save us from the "evil" insurance companies?

The Gov't of Florida has decided to tell Insurance companies what to sell. Will Florida save us by creating products that may or may not work in the marketplace?

Meanwhile, the NHS of England has decided to crack down on citizens who dare to spend on their own healthcare. Will the NHS save us from spending our own money?

These are nice ideas, but nothing more than political games. Soon you'll be hearing about legislators getting "tough on insurance."

It's not the insurance companies. It's the separate and unique set of rules that each state sets up.

It's not the Gov't. Medicare is losing money, and more and more docs are dropping medicare patients.

It's not Google. My medical records don't belong in their servers.

And it's not a single payer system. Americans are too independent and "now now now" oriented for such a system.

Obama? His proposal has the most merit. If we can federalize health insurance regulations, stop this individual, state-by-state non-sense, then we'll see a huge drop in rates, more efficiency, timelier claims turn around, and more people covered with health insurance.

...then Johnny will hit a droppy from 40m....over!

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