Thursday, February 14, 2008

Play as if the Ball is SAFEST in your hands...

Larry Naifeh, former Coach at OU, told me this sage advice when I was a young buck moving from outside center to hooker. And thank GOD he did.

Rugby is all about personal responsibility. The beauty of the game is that one player can't win a game alone, but one player can lose it for his team.

Same goes for health care....

The Feds passed a law in 1997 that still hasn't worked.

A state and a city have decided to investigate insurance companies. Insurance companies make mistakes, but they are not the bad guys. They're trying to work with overbearing state laws and a badly broken medicare system. The left love to create a fear environment, and blame the corporations for your inability to take responsibility. The right are too sackless to open up the market by regulating health insurance nationally. States' rights? Bullshit.

Well, if you buy your own health insurance policy, and become an informed consumer, NONE of the common problems will occur. You'll the care you need, and anything catastrophic is paid for.

Can't afford it? Bullshit again. (Unless you in live in NY, NJ, MA, VT, NH. Y'all screwed.) I'm 37 yrs. old, live in California, have multiple previous Rugby injuries, and my two health plans, a High Deductible HSA qualified plan with an AMC plan to cover the deductible, costs me $130 a month!

Don't believe me?

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