Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Selection Policy on Rugby Clubs...is it like the Insurance Industry?

Good clubs have a clear selection policy, usually a committee made up of 3 to 5 individuals, players, and coaches who determines the team. The more open, the better. At OU, I remember Naif, our coach, sitting in the "Selector's Chambers" while the 5 man committee sliced and diced the squad. The conversation was open to the whole team, and words were not minced. Did feelings get hurt? Absolutely. Did you know exactly where you stood on the team? Absolutely.

Health insurance, health care, and the Gov't do not use such a system. Doctor's charge patients different amounts than they accept from the insurer. Hospital's charge MORE for those without Health Insurance. Why?

Cuz they can.

Price transparency is one of the keys to reforming health care. The number one driver of health insurance rates is the cost of health care.

NY wants to punish the insurance companies for Doctor's accepting lower fees. The Governator, here in CA, wants to INCREASE the amount of paperwork to stay on Medical, hoping that enough people will screw up a deadline and drop out of the system. Bastards!

Nader, who has now doomed any Democrat Candidate, wants a single payer system. Gee, and medicare is doing so well. What liberals don't understand is that the Gov't has no resources. Any money they have comes from US. Taxing the rich is a great campaign slogan, but is very short term. The problem is not the market, but the Gov't control of the market.

Now your parents are wondering about Medicare. Well, they'll end up a private Medicare Advantage plan. Why? Because the Gov't has asked Health Insurance to step in a run Medicare, and it's a VERY profitable business.

Tax breaks come into it as well. WHY THE FUCK DO WE PAY AFTER TAX DOLLARS FOR HEALTH CARE? If the Gov't wanted to help, they could subsidize health care RIGHT NOW by letting me write off:

My Gym Membership
My Chiro
My Massage Therapist
My PCP visits
My R/x....et cetera.

All this is possible, but only if there's clear pricing for the industry. Consumer's, Rugby Players, need to know what health care costs, because our disposable income varies.

How can a player improve his game if he doesn't know what the selectors are looking for? How can she change her training if she doesn't have criteria?

How can we spend trillions on health care, but not know where it's all going?

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