Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Socks Rule when Rucking...and how it applies to health care and insurance

Tim "Tarzan" Wilson taught me the "Socks Rule" when rucking. If you see socks, remove the owner of the socks. If you don't, pick up the ball.

I was coaching decision making Tuesday night, and some of my Ladies had an excellent question:

"When do I ruck? or Maul? or Pick N Go? or Pass?"

My players were confusing the open-ness of Rugby with the Algorithmic response of a football player. This is the same as confusing tactics with strategy. Example: Rucking technique is a tactic for winning/maintaining possession. The team's strategy might be kicking into their half, and pressurizing the back three. Don't confuse tactics with strategy.

This also applies to Health INSURANCE and Health CARE.

Many Ruggers are confused about the difference between Health Insurance and Health Care. Health Insurance helps you pay for your health care. Helps. Not pay outright. Insurance was never designed to completely cover your bills. Health Care can be described as the services you receive from a medical care provider. The Doctor's office, Minute Clinic, ER Room, massage therapist, etc. When someone mentions universal health care, they should say universal health insurance. HUGE difference. We have great care in the US, and 85% of the nation has health INSURANCE. So the debate is over the 15%.

So easy for a Politician, left or right, to point fingers at an industry: "Those evil insurance companies, we'll get 'em for YOU!" "We're gonna stop all the WASTE in the Health System by with-holding Federal Dollars from public health institutions unless they Clean Up."


This WSJ reporter has the BEST questions for our Universal Health Care Candidates, Obama and Clinton. I especially like the idea of giving insurance companies the ability to compete across state lines!

We have universal Health Care in the US. Call an ambulance right now, and they'll come and get you. Walk into a public hospital, and you will be seen.

It's just paying for it...that's the trick.

Ruck or Maul? Insurance or Care? Knowing the difference can win a match, or save you millions of dollars.

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