Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Mom watched me play Rugby only once...

My Mom only watched me play Rugby once. I was knocked out in that game. I caught a Gary Owen, and was completely cleaned by a flanker.

I watched my Mom die in a Hospice. Thank God she had private insurance, because if she had only Medicare, who knows what loops they'd have us go through.

A lot of hype about a Gov't run system. This pisses me off something fierce. Medicare is broken, and the Primary Care Physicians are leaving the rolls. MDs are graduating to become specialists! Please, subscribe to InsureBlog. A voice in the wilderness, if you will.

I want Rugby Players to take an ACTIVE roll in their health care. Quit waiting for someone else to do it. You wouldn't wait for someone else to make a tackle? Go knock the SOB out yourself!

Example: Have an IPhone? Get this to help you access health resources and free medical advice.

Will the Feds pass any meaningful health care or health insurance reform? No. They won't. They'll say they did X, or Y, or Z, but ultimately your health, your health care, and your health insurance will be all on You.

Your Mom won't be able to watch you all the time, kapeche?

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