Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Yeah, I played for New Zealand once...." Fraudulent Medical Bills

We usually meet this guy in a bar, faint accent, can't tell exactly where.

"Oh, I played Rugby. Played once for New Zealand. Then I got a case of granular vaginitis..."

Bullshit. You're just looking for a free Beer, jackass!

After an injury that requires surgery, you'll rucked over will pieces of paper. EOBs, bills, statements of account, etc. etc. You also might get a small bill from someone you've never heard of...

It happens. The bill typically is for under $100 and has lots of cool charts and big words, and a small box representing what you pay.

If you don't recognize the MD, or the Service Provider, call the number on the form. If there's no number on the form (Bad Sign), google them. Also, check the name on your EOBs that you've been getting from your insurance plan. If they ain't on the EOB, call your insurance company and ask about the bill.

Be careful. Be smart. If it's a real bill, pay it.

And don't buy that Jerk a Beer.

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