Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Go INDIANA Go! Health Care Reform can WORK!!!

I think all Ruggers should buy three things:
  1. High Deductible HSA qualified health insurance.
  2. Accident Medical Plan
  3. Beer
Indiana has made PROGRESS in health care reform, by sticking to the Personal Responsibility concept and HSAs. The FIRST dollar portion for the subsidized users is BRILLIANT.

Ruggers know Personal Responsibility from our game. We don't depend on others making tackles for us, hitting rucks, etc. etc. Rugby is the sport of ultimate personal responsibility, for as one player can't win a match alone, one player can easily lose a match for their team.

The FEDS won't change a damn thing. They'll dump money into Health IT, that's about it. Even with a basic one-party rule, they're still cutting deals to keep the current system intact.

The Rugby way gives you direct access to your MD. You're in control of your game.

Go Hoosiers!

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