Tuesday, May 05, 2009

WALMART: The toughest Scrum in the World!

I play in the Front Row. It's where the game begins, and in most cases, ends.

The Old Cliche': The Forwards win the Match, the Backs decide by how much.

Walmart has a $4 R/x program. Other Pharmacies have HAD to follow. Why? Duh!!!

Now, WALMART is looking to cut out another Health Care middle man, Pharmacy Benefit Managers.

PBMs cut deals between big corps and drug companies. Big Corps don't buy Health Insurance for their employees, but self-fund from revenues and employee contributions, and manage it all through a Third Party Administrator. [Can really work well if done right...My Mom's coverage came this way. Amazing Benefits.]

So Walmart is a big bad ass retailer with lots of money. They literally can scrum a competitor off the pitch. The Pharmas don't care, they're backs. They just want to score profitable tries by selling more drugs. Ergo, Walmart will win this match.

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