Monday, November 02, 2009

Failing to mention is almost as bad as a Lie

So, you fail to mention to your club admin that you don't have health insurance. You play, you get hurt, and the club could now get sued.

Gee, Thanks...

Failing to mention a doctor's visit on a health insurance application will cause you ever MORE grief. Once the information gathering service, such as Telemed, or WFI, sees a discrepancy, they'll stand still.

That's right. The company that was hired by the insurance company that your applying to will do NOTHING once a "questionable" bit of information comes up.

The remedy is constant contact between the agent, the PI (Proposed Insured, YOU), and the Underwriter's. Normally, the info gathering company won't bother speaking to you.


But, it's YOU who must fill out the APP completely. Not them. Remember, they're not paid to get you insurance. They're paid to get information. Subtle, but important.

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