Friday, April 09, 2010

You're told you can't play!?!!?!!?! (You get declined for Health Insurance)

So, you get declined.  Now what?

First, call me.  We'll figure out if your decline was temporary, or if you've got a serious issue, known in the industry as a pre-existing condition.

If it's a temporary thing, we'll get you an accident plan.  Problem is, you'll probably want to stay off the pitch until you get full cover.

If it's worse...

Next, we'll check with your State Government, because many states have programs for those who can't qualify for health insurance.

Now, paying for this might become a challenge, rates tend to be high for High Risk Pools (that's the fancy name for the above programs).  Again, if your State has a program, we can typically find the means to get the premium paid.

Barring all that, there's still hope.  It'll take some leg work, phone calls, and record keeping.  Basically, all the Bullshit about Guarantee Issue in the New Obamacare is redundant.  Everything you need is already there.

Remember, Rugby isn't going anywhere.  Similarly, we already have universal health care in the USA, EMTALA covers that. 

What we perceive is NO universal health insurance.  Again, bupkiss.  Why don't you know about all these options.

Because, they make NO money for insurance brokers....  Sad.

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