Monday, May 24, 2010

How to file a claim after a Prop falls on You...

Prop falls on you.  Owie!!!!  (Let's assume the worst...)

Ambulance is called.  You get the stretcher treatment, a nice ride, an ER bed, MRI and/or Xrays, bone setting or relocation of the joint you popped, and then discharged with lots of paper, and a few R/x's.

Now what?

Call your Agent.  It's that simple.  If they won't help you, they suck.  (Hell, if I were "in charge" I'd have commission be based on how well the Agent gets your Medical Bills paid.)

Also, you'll have to probably pay at least $100 to the ER.  The Ambulance bill will come separate.  Your insurance company might want copies of everything, so be prepared.  Keep a file.  Organize.

This is the easy one to deal with.  One incident, one date to remember, one, maybe two service providers.

It gets ugly once you start PT...

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