Sunday, May 23, 2010

Loss Ratio: How often do you win Rugby games? What percentage is that?

I read that New Zealand has the best international record in World Rugby.

I bet the Bulls and the Crusaders have similar stats.

In the insurance world, we call this loss ratio:  The amount of money we pay BACK to our customers in terms of claims paid.

Blue Shield of CA has an 83% loss ratio.  I've had a hard time finding these hard numbers on the web, but it looks like loss ratios range from 70 to 80%.  Meaning, an 80% loss ratio says that the insurance company spends 80 cents on the dollar.  (However, I've also discovered that the calculation of the these ratios is "complex."  That means the bean counters are fucking with the stats to make themselves look good.)

The Feds have mandated loss ratios.  So what.  If I have control over my books, what stops me from cooking them?

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