Monday, June 07, 2010

Explaing Group Health Insurance Rules is similar to Explaing Rugby to your Grandmother...

Group Health Insurance...funny that I'm explaining something that'll probably disappear this year...

...Anyway, it's difficult.  Like explaining what a scrum half does to your Grandmother...

"Well, Grandma, I put the ball in the scrum, and the hooker..."

"Hooker!?!?!  I should wash your mouth out with soap!!!"

Well, you get it.

Lots of rules/laws with group health insurance.  Start dates, enrollment periods, open enrollments, adding spouses and kids, dental or no dental.  Plus, "Life Changing Event" rules about making changes.

Oh, and the money you spend buying a High-Deductible HSA Qualifed plan DOES NOT GO TO FUNDING YOUR HSA.... silly bastards.

So, Grandma, enjoy your $250 check from PresBO and we'll talk rugby later.

In the meantime, be very clear in your questions to the agent trying to sell you a group policy:

1.  How do you make changes?
2.  What is considered a "life changing" event?  (Affects #1)
3.  How do I protest an unpaid claim?
4.  How do I fight a rate increase?
5.  How do I get my utilization report?  (How much money they spent on claims for you or your group.)

This info will guide you through who's interested in helping you, and who's gonna bail at the first sign of trouble.

Make Sense, Grandma?

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