Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Who went to the Doctor? Keeping a copy of your Medical Records...

I don't have a Rugby analogy for this one, but it's still important.

Short Story:  Couple goes to the IVF Clinic because one of them have a challenge.  The OTHER partner applies for health insurance.  The applying partner is denied coverage.  WTF? 

Turns out, the IVF Clinic made a note for EACH of them.  Ergo, when the insurance company pulled records, MIB reports, and APS' (Attending Physician Statements), then found the IVF Clinic visit.

Here's the solution:  Gather YOUR medical records onto a zip drive.  Hand that to the agent.  (By the by, this one slipped passed me, but I corrected it, a year later.  Won't happen again.)

Couples, especially with the same last name, MUST keep insurance info separate, and be incredibly meticulous regarding insurance applications.

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