Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Youth Leagues: Bullying

With any youth gathering, you'll have some bullying.  As a Chartis Rep, I have access to preventative trainings and seminars.

Here's the latest on bullying:

Human Services - Bullying! – Effective Training and Preventative Measures
In recent months, there have been numerous examples in the press of bullying in schools or the workplace, with the unfortunate results sometimes being fatal. How can schools and employers become more aware of these situations? How can they take steps to help prevent them from happening? How can these events be more effectively handled when they do happen?
Risk Specialists Companies Insurance Agency, Inc. (RSCIA) has extensive experience providing access to insurance coverage for these types of exposures in the Human Services and Education sectors, as well as renowned experts on this topic.
Please join us for a live webcast on Tuesday, August 17th at 2:00 PM EST to hear Angelique Dale, J.D., of Praesidium discuss the impact of bullying, as well as education, training, and preventative measures.

Register here.

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