Saturday, August 21, 2010

Declines, High-Risk Pools, and the Future of Obamacare: What your knee surgery means...

One of the biggest challenges of insuring Rugby players for health insurance is pre-existing conditions.

ACL surgery, AC joint separations, and, Rugby Gods Forbid, back problems...  (In CA, DON'T mention that you go to a chiropractor, or you'll be declined...)

Anyway, here's what will happen if you are declined, and forced to go in on a state-based high risk pool.

Health Insurance companies get KILLED on group insurance, because they have to take everybody regardless of health. IMHO, I have no stats.  But I bet they make a nice profit on individual.  Ergo, Obamacare requires everyone buy health insurance, and creates federally subsidized high risk pools, sometimes doubling upon an existing program in a given state.  The buying mandate will be found unconstitutional, and the health insurance companies KNOW this.  But, they'll get a nice reach-around administering the high risk pools.  All the bureaucratic red tape profits, and no risks.

Win Lose.  They win, you lose. 

Employers will drop group benes, either pay the penalty, OR institute an Health Reimbursement Arrangement. (HRA).  You'll buy individual health, or go in the pool.

If you clicked on the link, you'll see a $2500 base deductible.  You can get around this using an Accident Indemnity plan.  However, I suspect the rate of the risk pools will be high, and I'm sure about the subsidies details...

Confused?  Good. If you vote left, you have no one to blame but yourself.  If you vote right, vote libertarian!

Your pre-existing condition won't keep you off the pitch, but it will cost you more in time and money.

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