Saturday, August 07, 2010

Would you play Rugby without a mouthpiece (Gum-shield)?

Few players play now without a mouthpiece (Gum shield for you English-type persons...).

Almost EVERYONE has shoulder pads, and I'd guess 1/2 half head gear of some sort.

Over the last six months, I've added new insurance licenses to expand the product lines I can provide Rugby players.  Business insurance, worker's comp, professional liability, etc. etc....

Ergo, lots of players are looking to save money, and ask me for competing quotes.

About 1/2 the quotes don't make much of a difference.  And, operating without Business insurance, especially professional liability, is NOT recommended.   Actually, it's freakin' stupid.

Keep the protection you have.  Suck it up during this economy, pinch elsewhere, but don't shy away from insurance like a fly half trying not to tackle a number 8.

The moment you decide to play without a mouthpiece, you'll get kicked in the teeth....  and, you know it.

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