Friday, September 03, 2010

Do you Captain the All-Thursday team just before a Home Match?

You know who you're the jackass who only shows up to training Thursday night before a Home Match hoping to sneak onto the Side...


(I usually go out of my way to boot you during rucking drills, more so than I normally do for my teammates.  ;) )

I have the same disdain for those who wait til the week of a match to ask for Health Insurance.

Some states offer 24h approval plans, but these plans generally suck.  A Mini-Med or Accident Plan usually starts on the First of Fifteenth of the NEXT month.  (Why? To avoid a jackass from buying it a day before wrestling with rabid lions in a small spiked cage.)

To get a good plan, you'll need 2-4 weeks.  Budget, planning, acceptable risks, benefits and history are all factors in picking the best combo for you.

Don't be a sooner.

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