Thursday, September 02, 2010

Why small clubs struggle? Same with small business, too small to be noticed...

Small clubs struggle with Sponsorship and numbers.  Why?  They are too small to be noticed.  Typically, an "Angel" needs to appear.  A guy or gal with money to spend on uniforms and field costs, and maybe even a coach.  Then, that small club becomes a regional superpower.

The same happens for the small business owner.  The hardest quote for me to get is a BOP, or Business Owner Policy.  Why?  They are typically under $1000, and most "big insurance brokers", (not companies, mind you), don't want to waste their time with something so small.

Stupid, because it's the little ones that grow into big ones.  (My average commish is $10 a month for a health insurance policy.  But, I have over 500 clients now after 5 years.  Get it?)

I'd love to find a company that wants small policies.  Little BOPs, General Liabilities for just one professional, or even a Fleet Auto policy for one car.

Where is my "Angel"?

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